Zabiha Halal announces  “Celebrate With Loved Ones” Contest

Zabiha Halal announces “Celebrate With Loved Ones” Contest

Here's your chance to win a trip worth $10,000 with Zabiha Halal!

Brampton based Maple Lodge Farms has launched a “Celebrate With Loved Ones” contest for Zabiha Halal. This contest will give participants a chance to WIN a trip worth $10,000 to anywhere in the world to visit their loved ones. 

With a community of more than one million Muslims in Canada, the collective appetite for Halal chicken options is on the rise. More and more Canadians are searching for new Halal food options. Zabiha Halal’s full line of certified Halal fresh, frozen, wieners, breakfast strips, and deli chicken!

“Maple Lodge Farms wants to show its appreciation to our loyal consumers who have made Zabiha Halal part of their family meals for 25 years,” said Latif Mirza, Community Relations Manager at Maple Lodge Farms.

“Ramadan is a special time for families and this contest will give them an opportunity to celebrate with their loved ones at some point within the next year”. – Latif Mirza

The interest in Halal products is also growing beyond the Muslim community to include a growing number of health-conscious Canadians interested in food preparations. Maple Lodge Farms is the largest processor of chicken in Canada.

Zabiha Halal chicken products are available at many major grocery retailers across Canada. Apart from serving the Canadian domestic market, Zabiha Halal products are also exported to several other countries across the world.

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