The Souled Out Tour: The Chemistry Between Visual & Expression

The Souled Out Tour: The Chemistry Between Visual & Expression

Amandeep Singh, aka Inkquisitive, is a London based Artist/Graphic Illustrator. His work will be on display in Toronto during the Souled Out Tour on Oct 4th at House of Moments.

Inkquisitive Illustration joins The Glass Museum and MadTatter Films for North American Tour

The Glass Museum

British artist and online icon Amandeep Singh or more popularly Inkquisitive Illustration, has been touching fans and art appreciators with his work for over three years. 

Introducing his unique style of graphic illustrations through his use of social media like Facebook
, YouTube
, Instagram
, and Twitter
, his fan base grew and his signature style with its vibrant colours and splashes of ink have become distinctive to his work. His art depicted pop icons, famous characters, actors of Bollywood and Hollywood, world leaders, music legends, figures of faith, faces of the past, and even faces of the unknown. Each piece resonating with many across the globe.

Inkquisitive calls his style “soul art” and when he paints a piece, he aims to pose questions and leave a part of himself on the canvas. His latest endeavour is a North American tour that will visit Toronto, Brooklyn, Surrey, and Sacramento with his experience entitled Souled Out: curated by The Glass Museum
with collaborations by filmmaker MadTatter Films. Avoiding labeling this event as an exhibition, Inkquisitive is hoping to take attendees of Souled Out on a journey.

“When we are young, our imaginations are colourful and vibrant. We can travel to corners of the world, even make the unreal real. As we get older, we begin to suppress that imagination. The days drag on, one into the next, and the colours of our imagination begin to dull “, Inkquisitive explains.

The Souled Out experience aims to challenge the imagination to return to its vibrancy as well as challenges what many think they know and come to expect of Inkquisitive's artwork and style. This total sensory experience is being curated with original pieces, mixed media platforms, and film.

For event details please click HERE.