The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organizatio

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization (TREWO) is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to educating and empowering Canadians to lead healthy lives through proactive decision making.

Founded by Order of Canada recipient Dr. Sudi Devanesen and Ravi S. Juneja, TREWO bridges the care gap between physicians and patients through educating patients and those seeking medical advice or opinion.

As we celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity, we also need to care about communities at risk for certain diseases as well as the collective need for addressing addiction and mental health issues. TREWO's mission is to create healthy communities by educating Canadians on how to prevent and address health issues. For TREWO, knowledge is the best preventative medication one can have.

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Join TREWO on April 21, 2012 for a FREE health fair at the prestigious Pearson Convention Centre. Click
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