The Citizens Foundation - 11 Annual Gala and Fundraiser

The Citizens Foundation – 11 Annual Gala and Fundraiser

This year, our gala's focus will be around "Women Empowerment" and Farah Mohamed will be our guest speaker this year.

Farah is a champion of women empowerment and Founder and CEO of Girls 20, an organization which cultivates future generations of female leaders through education and entrepreneurship.


TCF Canada’s 11th Annual Gala and Fundraiser is set for Sunday April 3rd and we have exciting updates to share with you of the past achievements, the preparations for the event so far, and look ahead at the challenges that remain, as well as to untapped potential and opportunities.

This year the focus will be on “Women Empowerment”. Our guest speak Farah Mohamed,  is an expert in communications, partnerships, government relations and female labour force participation. She is known for her political acumen, strategic advice and ability to connect people.

As Founder & CEO of G(irls)20, Farah Mohamed designed the organization G20 style; this internationally active organization brings together one delegate girl from each G20 country, plus a representative of the European and African Unions, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the MENA region. The program involves skills building (entrepreneurship, business planning, communications, technology navigation, leadership, etc.), concluding in a global Summit that generates ideas that are presented to theG20 Leaders, global mentorships and the creation of delegate led initiatives.

Of Indian heritage, Farah was born and raised in Uganda until 1972 when Idi Amin ordered the expulsion of Indian Ugandans, giving them 90 days to leave Uganda. Her father, mother and sister sought refuge in Canada. Her upbringing instilled her with a strong work ethic and keen sense of curiosity, which eventually culminated in her volunteering on the campaign for a local political candidate.

For 10 years, Farah worked closely with some of Canada’s most senior politicians. Farah began her political career in 1995 with The Honourable Paddy Torsney. From 1999 to 2004, Farah served as the Director of Communications for The Honourable Anne McLellan in her role as Minister of Justice, Minister of Health and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.

Post politics, Farah served as Vice President, Public Affairs and Community Engagement for VON Canada. At VON, she was successful in building government and private sector partnerships, as well as strengthening the brand of Canada’s largest, national, non-profit, charitable home and community-care organization.

Farah served as the inaugural President of The Belinda Stronach Foundation (TBSF). Under her leadership, TBSF created and launched the Foundation’s flagship program including One Laptop Per Child for Aboriginal Youth. She also oversaw the Foundation’s work in Liberia with President Johnson Sirleaf and a $1M humanitarian relief effort in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Farah has won may awards, namely

  • RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant of the Year, 2014
  • Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013
  • Top 25 Most Influential Women in Canada, Women of Influence, 2012
  • Canadian Diversity Champion, 2012

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