Superfan Nav Bhatia to work alongside Drake as Raptor's Community Ambassador

Superfan Nav Bhatia to work alongside Drake as Raptor's Community Ambassador

Nav Bhatia was bestowed the honour of Raptor’s Community Ambassador at his 14th Annual Baisakhi Day Game on April 4 vs the Pacers. As a pinnacle figure in the South Asian community his duties will include working alongside Drake in increasing support for the Raptor’s franchise.

Nav Bhatia has been hosting the Annual Baisakhi Day Game for 14 years consecutively now, each year garnering additional community support.

The festival of Baisakhi is of great significance to the Sikh community as it commemorates the day the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh laid down the foundation of the Panth Khalsa, that is the Order of the Pure Ones. It is a day celebrated across the world and is very much considered the Punjabi New Year.

The Annual holiday Raptor’s game has not only become a staple in the South Asian Community but is attracting mainstream attention as Toronto’s internationally acclaimed artists Karl Wolf, Michie Mee, Choclair, and Thrust have lent their services to the extravagant halftime show led by Nav’s good friends and Toronto’s own International Desi Fusion group – Culture Shock.

“To see how far the South Asian Community has come over the last decade in being an integral part of our city and not looking from the outside in is a testament to our community leaders such as Nav, so it is no surprise and a great move by the franchise to bring him on board as a community ambassador.” – DJ Baba Kahn, Culture Shock

With the team staring at a new franchise win record and the playoffs just around the corner you can be sure to catch Raptor’s Community Ambassador and “Superfan” Nav Bhatia in his usual courtside seats just next to the visiting team bench. He hasn’t missed a game since 1995 and opposing players can tell you he also hasn’t missed a chance to throw a few barbs their way during the action.

Download the Nav Bhatia’s Baisakhi Theme Song ft. Culture Shock, Thrust, Michie Mee, Choclair and Dholi Tanveer HERE.

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