ShineStrong with Pantene hair care & styling tips

ShineStrong with Pantene hair care & styling tips

Are you ready to ShineStrong this winter by flaunting beautiful locks? Healthy hair can enhance your everyday look says South Asian hair expert Japheth Bhana.

Bhana says a right shampoo and conditioner can help get your desired results. He shares some daily hair care tips below.

 KeraglossDaily hair Care regimen tips for healthy hair:

  •  Pat hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing and tugging.
  •  When combing hair, start by detangling the ends and working your way up to avoid breakage.
  •  The Pantene hair coaches recommend washing hair three times a week is more than enough, unless you have  really oily hair. For extra care between washes rinse your scalp with water and condition the ends with  Pantene conditioner.
  •  Blow dry hair straight with a round brush first to minimize the time hair is in contact with a flat iron.
  •  Work conditioner through your hair starting from your mid shaft in a downward motion.
  •  If your hair reacts differently to weather conditions then you may want choose the Pantene shampoo and  conditioner that works for you during winter months.
  •  Use hair products that are targeting your specific hair concern. This ensures you are effectively treating  problem areas and not overwhelming or underwhelming your hair.

 Keep these Pantene products handy while styling

 Pantene Advanced+ Keratin Repair KERAGLOSS Oil Mist
The NEW Pantene Advanced+ Keratin Repair KERAGLOSS Oil Mist helps restore hair to its healthy-looking,  smooth and shiny state. The Mist wraps hair with a protective layer to help restore its surface to a healthy-l  looking condition. The KERAGLOSS Oil Mist was designed to fight many facets of damage including split  ends, frizz, dull ness and dryness with a rare blend of exotic oils including Argan, Jojoba, Safflower, Olive  and Sesame.

 Ultimate 10 BB Crème and Collection

The Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème is part of the Ultimate 10 Collection which includes a  shampoo and conditioner, in addition to the BB Crème. These products are designed to streamline your daily  beauty routine. Each product in the Ultimate 10 collection employs multi-tasking conditioners that repairs  rough hair, smooths, strengthens against damage and helps protect your hair against damage, frizz, and  heat. The multi-benefit formula tames fly-aways and adds brilliant shine for the ultimate flawless, healthy finish. 

Get that style: Here’s a bonus tutorial on how to show off your shiny hair with this on-trend side bun using Pantene Ultra 10 BB Crème and Collection

Pantene hairstyle


  1. Wash your hair with Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 Shampoo and conditioner. Part your hair and roll into a bun using the hair donut.
  2. Tuck bun with a hair tie and pin any loose hairs. Use the Pantene Pro-V Shaping Extra Strong Hold Hairspray to keep everything in place.
  3. Wear this as an everyday look or on a special night out!


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