Sawdust Castles by Omar Khan

Sawdust Castles by Omar Khan

A Soulful Memoir about a family's search for belonging in the aftermath of one of one of the greatest forced migration in history - The 1947 partition of Pakistan & India

A memoir by Omar Khan

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This is writing of immense poignancy and power, a story of migration, sacrifice and endeavour that speaks across borders and generations. Omar Khan has done a great service in recording a personal history of such significance to South Asia. Mishal Husain, BBC TV & Radio, Broadcaster of the year 2015

Sawdust Castles has its roots in an exodus that many historians have described as one of the greatest forced migrations in human history. Twelve to fifteen million people—among them the author’s parents—were displaced when India and Pakistan were carved out as sovereign states in 1947.

This book, however, is not a political dissertation on the cause or effect of Partition. It is a story about the experiences of a family who abandoned a place where their cultural identity had flourished for centuries to opt for an ideal they passionately believed in. It is a narrative of the many miseries inflicted upon them by migration. It is, ultimately, a story of the never-ending search for belonging.

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