RFP for a Mural in Gerrard India Bazaar

RFP for a Mural in Gerrard India Bazaar

Gerrard India Bazaar received a grant from City of Toronto for a mural project within the BIA. The location of the mural is 1455 Gerrard Street E., East side wall. The dimensions of the wall and a photo of the location are inserted below. (Gerrard/Craven intersection-South side).

Length = 66 ft.(Approx)                Height= 13 ft. (Approx)

It is envisaged that the mural will reflect the broad contours of the culture and traditions of Indian Subcontinent. Gerrard India Bazaar BIA invites you to submit a detailed sketch of the mural you propose to conceptualize and create on this wall.

The detailed proposal along with the sketches/drawings may please be submitted before 25th July, 2014 to: 

Subbu Chintaluri, Manager
Gerrard India Bazaar BIA,
1426 Gerrard Street E.
Toronto, ON, M4L1Z6,
Click Here to Email Subbu

Additional Information on the Mural in Gerrard India Bazaar:

1. This Website
and This Website
might help/assist you in the preparation of the art work for mural.

2. Total Budget= $7000.00 CAD.

     HST will be paid to the artist/group upon providing Business Number. 

3. Time lines:
     Mural submissions last date = 25th July

     Selection of mural = 4 weeks (25th August)

     Completion of the mural = 6 weeks (1st September – 15th October)

4. A committee of the BIA Board screens and shortlists the murals for final selection by the Board. Only Short listed muralists are invited for discussions. During       the discussions, the committee might suggest for changes or modifications in the proposed sketch or drawing before it is done. Any changes or modifications       will be done in consultation with the artist. 

5. The wall is exterior brick wall on the East side of the Property at 1455 Gerrard Street, located at South of Gerrard/Craven intersection.

6. Avoid any direct depiction/presentation of Gods/Goddesses or any political/religious views in the art work.

7. Please submit your artistic renditions/ maquettes only. Each artist/group can submit up to 4 concepts/renditions. Submissions can be sent by regular         mail or email.  

8. The proposal must include the total cost of the project from the start to completion and the time lines. Also provide us complete details on the            media (paint/metal/ceramic/tiles etc.), colors, and durability/longevity, maintenance of the mural in years.