Redefining fine Indian dining: Khazana restaurant!

Redefining fine Indian dining: Khazana restaurant!

The restaurant itself, aptly named Khazana, serves a treasure of uniquely chosen Indian recipes with a contemporary twist.

With the launch of Khazana – his first restaurant in Canada – India’s celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is all set to enter the North American market.

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Managing his operations in this part of the world is Mr Shailesh Gangwani who is also a co-owner of the Brampton franchise.

Indian food has time and again redefined the dining scenario in North America. Some of the more popularly available recipes such as Saag Paneer, Butter Chicken and Samosas have even made their way into the pantries of traditional Canadian homes.

And yet, there is a wide unexplored variety of Indian food that is waiting to be discovered by this part of the world. It was this vision, coupled with the fact that majority of Canadians had yet to experience Indian fine dining, that Shailesh Gangwani chose to partner with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and bring his recipes to Canada.

“I have always wanted to enter the restaurant business. And partnering with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor was an obvious choice. He has been in the industry for 35 years, been an industry leader and has a wide range of food products to his credit. There has been nobody to match him,” said Gangwani.

“Sanjeev Kapoor’s food is exactly like a Rolls Royce car or a Parker pen. The food is independent of the cook. It doesn’t matter who makes the food or which part of the world it is made in, it will be made to perfection and will taste exactly the same.”

“Back in India, I used to often dine in Sanjeev Kapoor’s restaurant in Ludhiana and each time was a great experience. Going to a restaurant and eating food should be a treat to all the senses. Eyes see. Nose smells. Tongue tastes.”

Among their menu items are the rare Shaam Savera, Puran Singh da Tariwala Murgh, Tandoori Aaloo Nazakat, Bhati Ka Murgh Boti Kebab and Pakhtooni Burra.

“I want to redefine Indian fine dining in this part of world, something I believe was wrongly represented up until now. Indian food, in Canada, is often served in the North American “fast-food” fashion, using the same gravy for multiple dishes in a buffet style eat out.”

“I wanted to introduce the connoisseurs of Indian food to dishes that are not Butter Chicken, Samosa or Tikka and give them a complete and luxurious Indian fine dining experience.”

Gangwani’s credits his entrepreneurial spirit to his father. “My father started a readymade menswear business in 1966, when the majority population in India used to get their clothes stitched.”

“I felt it was time to bring a good Indian brand and establish it in North America.”

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