New Travel Blog Launched for Desi Globetrotters

New Travel Blog Launched for Desi Globetrotters

Pick up your bags and get ready to explore the world with, launched by Vancouver travel junkie Parm Johal.

Photos courtesy of Parm Johal.

Interested in backpacking, flashpacking or moving abroad for a year? How about solo travel, cultural travel or finding the scoop on the best local neighbourhood in Istanbul? Want to know how to save some money in Florence? Desi Globetrotter has it covered.

Desi Globetrotter is a new travel blog and online resource that connects South Asians around the world who are passionate about independent world travel. Desi Globetrotter features travel stories, destination guides, travel tips and advice for the young, South Asian budget traveller – for students, professionals and families alike. Real info from real travelers.

Launched in May by Vancouver travel junkie Parm Johal, a 31-year-old globetrotter with experience traveling to Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and working abroad in the Caribbean, Desi Globetrotter aims to bridge gaps in the travel market and focus on independent travel from a South Asian perspective. I’ve been inspired by travel bloggers worldwide, but there are very few travel blogs written for a South Asian audience. Although the spirit of travel is universal, the way we view the world is often defined by our cultural background. Young South Asians tend to struggle with Eastern traditions and their Western upbringing where traditionally, Indian parents don’t value travel and think of it as time pass,” says Johal. “For example, a gap year, where you take a year off to travel after high school or university is a common concept in the West, but not as much for South Asians.

Desi Globetrotter aims to inspire South Asians to discover, share and create meaningful travel experiences, learn about other cultures and engage in the journey as well as the destination. “My favourite part of cultural travel is the learning experience and the challenge. I learn about myself and my host culture, understanding the world along the way instead of judging cultures and learning to take the time to slow down and appreciate the little moments that we so often forget in our day to day routine”, says Johal.

Globally, the travel industry is expecting 50 million desi travelers by 2020. Indians have never been known as independent travelers or backpackers, but over the years that misconception has been proven wrong. Time for desis to share their travel stories with each other and the rest of the world.

Desi Globetrotter is accepting submissions from desi travelers. Do you have a personal travel story to share or your top travel tips? Want to be featured as one of our “Global Travelers”? Check out the submission guidelines here: or you can email Parm Johal at

Desiglobetrotter is a new travel blogazine with a focus on independent world travel through a South Asian lens. For destination guides, travel stories, tips, and travel features, please visit

Parm Johal - founder of travel blog

About Parm Johal

Parm is a travel junkie living in Vancouver and is the Editor-in-Chief of, a travel blog that connects South Asians passionate about independent world travel. Parm’s favourite travel moments include backpacking solo in Spain and Portugal, spending a night in the Saharan desert gazing up at the stars, exploring the streets of Mumbai, working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with over a 1000 crew members from around the world and experiencing the magic of travel with her husband in Thailand.