Myth/Reality: Detox Divas Demystify Nutritional Cleansing with Isagenix

Myth/Reality: Detox Divas Demystify Nutritional Cleansing with Isagenix

Dare to detox? Detoxification is all about releasing bodily impurities and toxic substances while flooding the body with nutrition. As a result, the body is stronger, less stressed and rid of lingering fat. Check out MyBindi's myth/reality section on the common misconceptions of Isagenix's nutritional cleansing products.

Shruti Owerie, Partner at Detox Divas, and Carolyne Rodrigues, “Isagenix’s Woman of the Year” and international Isagenix trainer, shed light on the myths surrounding Isagenix.

MYTH: Isagenix is NOT the best choice for long-term weight loss.

REALITY: This is not a weight loss program. When the body is cleansed of impurities, the side benefit is weight loss and so Isagenix has been spotlighted globally as a weight loss solution. We have many athletes and lean people who use Isagenix. That being said, our Weight Loss Hall of Fame has hundreds of success stories and most interestingly, the 2011 winner of our annual $120,000USD “get healthy challenge” who lost more weight than the winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser 2011” and has kept it off.

MYTH: Isagenix products do NOT contain scientifically proven weight loss ingredients. 

REALITY: Our products are food based and don't contain stimulants. What they do contain are the world's leading food ingredients, like the highest quality of whey protein available which we source exclusively from New Zealand. This is grade 7 whey – never treated with bovine growth hormone or steroids or antibiotics and the cows are pasture-fed. We know that whey protein has been clinically proven to boost the human immune system by 300-500%, and our famous protein shakes also contain amino acids, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and digestive enzymes … you'd be hard-pressed to find such a nutrient dense meal anywhere. 

Our shakes are approved by Health Canada as a true meal replacement. We stress the shake here as it is a flagship product and so integral to our program. Many of our ingredients are sourced by Dr. John Anderson, known worldwide as the “mineral man” for his knowledge and ability to identify minerals and vitamins the human body needs to thrive.

MYTH: Isagenix products are TOO expensive. 

The 30-day program replaces 68 meals and works out to $3.82 a meal. You are replacing complete meals so some of your grocery money is reallocated to your Isagenix budget. Another way to look at it is the 30-day program, our most popular, is $8.50 a day… that's the cost of just one food court lunch. As well, for those who share Isagenix with just two referrals, the price drops to less than $5 a day. This is unbeatable for such nutrition. There are several people who do the entire program for absolutely FREE when they refer enough people and, there are still others who receive products for free month after month. We teach people how to get their monthly products paid for.

REALITY: Isagenix products reduce wrinkles. 

We do not make any such claim. You DO build lean muscle on this program so often people see skin toning. When you cleanse your body, many wonderful things happen on the outside which is a reflection of what is going on inside the body.

MYTH: One can lose weight in A WEEK with Isagenix. 

REALITY: Two clinical studies documented statistically significant weight loss, at an average of seven pounds on the program, when followed correctly. The studies also showed a decrease in waist and hip circumference, and cholesterol levels. Results will vary based on how healthy or unhealthy you are prior to starting your Isagenix program, of course. Again, we take the time to do an assessment on each client and set up a program accordingly. What we do see within 3-4 days on most people is a change in their energy and how they feel about their general “wellness” level. Some have described what they feel by Day 4 as a “light switch” going on in their bodies after years.

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