Mystic India takes the GTA by Storm!!

Mystic India takes the GTA by Storm!!

The breathtaking Bollywood dance production "MYSTIC INDIA" is coming to Rose Theatre Brampton on November 29th & Flato Markham Theatre on November 30th.

From grandeur to glamour, audiences will dance through time with Mystic India, a spectacular production that brings the rich history of India to vivid and vibrant life!

An epic spectacle, Mystic India features a multi-ethnic cast of more than 30 brilliant dancers who dazzle in a stunning showcase of dance, drama, and theatre, complete with opulent costumes and awe-inspiring visual effects. 

Mystic India is one of over 70 dynamic world-class performances taking place this season at Flato Markham Theatre
on Saturday, November 30th. There will also be a performance on Friday, November 29th
at the gorgeous Rose Theatre Brampton

“If you've ever wanted to visit India, this show is your direct flight there”

Amit Shah, an internationally renowned choreographer and production visionary, is known for combining authentic Indian dance with modern western dance styles through his award-winning performing arts troupe, AATMA Performing Arts

Accompanied by the powerful rhythms of masterful musicians, a versatile troupe of dancers and acrobats takes audiences on a kaleidoscopic journey through 100 years of history. 

Performances chart India's transition from the sedate grandeur of an ancient civilization and its fearless leaders to the small villages of rural India and their deeply-rooted cultural celebrations and finally to the fast-paced streets of Mumbai and Bollywood pop culture.

Like the country it celebrates, Mystic India is a meeting of east and west, as performers present an innovative fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance with Kathak, Bharatanatyam, and Indian folk dances.

Also on display are cirque aerial acts and Mallakhamb, an ancient Indian sport where a gymnast poses and performs stunts on a vertical pole. All of this is set against a stunning backdrop of elaborate sets that only the artists of Bollywood could create.

For details on Mystic India's performance at  Rose Theatre Brampton, please click HERE.

For details on Mystic India's performance at Flato Markham Theatre, please click HERE.