Movie Review: Dr.Cabbie

Movie Review: Dr.Cabbie

An enjoyable ride with Dr. Cabbie, all the way

Watch Dr.Cabbie if you’re in the mood for 100-minute ride of pure fun.


Dr. Cabbie combines the best elements of both Hollywood and Bollywood and yet remains unapologetically Canadian.

It shines a light on the uniquely Canadian problem of not recognizing medical degrees from several other countries, despite a shortfall of doctors. And it showcases beautiful Toronto as well and does not attempt to disguise her as Any City, USA.

While quite a few of the ‘east meets west’ movies in recent times have fallen into the trap of stereotypical characters and ethnic clichés – Dr. Cabbie proudly holds its own against top-notch cross-cultural fare like the Spielberg-Oprah offering “The Hundred-Foot Journey” and “Million Dollar Arm” from the Disney stable.

Dr. Cabbie is the heartwarming tale of a medical graduate from New Delhi (played by Breakaway lead actor Vinay Virmani), who comes to Toronto and is forced to drive a cab. However, the doctor in him refuses to die. Over time, he converts his cab into a mobile clinic, which turns him into a local hero and earns him the nickname “Dr. Cabbie.”

Virmani essays his role with depth, sincerity and heart. His convincing portrayal of the charming, earnest Dr. Deepak Chopra in many ways mirrors the story and the movie itself. This movie could well be the vehicle that propels this fine young actor towards the greater success he deserves.

Lending Virmani admirable support is an excellent ensemble of characters led by Kunal Nayyar, (better known as Raj of Big Bang Theory fame). Nayyar, who plays Dr. Cabbie’s sidekick Tony, is the diabolical opposite of the nerdy Raj – a potty-mouthed, overconfident womanizer who’s also a loyal buddy with a heart of gold. Other highly notable performances include the gorgeous Adrianne Palicki (Lady Jane of GI Joe – Retaliation), Mircea Monroe, Lillette Dubey and Rizwan Manji. Bollywood fans will be excited to watch superstar Katrina Kaif’s pretty younger sibling Isabelle make her debut as Tony’s girlfriend.

The movie is a laugh-a-minute ride and is packed with jokes and punchy one-liners that sometimes borders on the risqué. (“Once you go brown, you’ll never frown.”) But that’s part of Dr. Cabbie’s honest, refreshing charm.

Overall, Dr. Cabbie is a charming film that manages to convey a serious and pressing message with a deft, lighthearted touch. This topic could have been tackled with a lot more depth and sincerity but that doesn’t seem to have been Dr. Cabbie’s intent in the first place. It is uninhibited, uplifting and uproariously funny.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5 – Check out the Trailer below: 

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