Miss Pakistan World 2012 is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Miss Pakistan World 2012 is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Miss Pakistan World will take place Friday, August 24, 2012 at the Red Rose Convention Centre.

Miss Pakistan World will take place August 24th, 2012 in Mississauga, Ontario

Miss Pakistan World 2012 is celebrating its 10th anniversary. With finalists from mostly Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and America, Pakistani girls are buzzing about this only real pageant for Pakistan in the world. The beauty of this pageant is that it is for Pakistan but mostly like its leaders, outside of Pakistan! When spoken to the founder & president of this entire pageant industry for Pakistan, Sonia Ahmed, said, “I am just happy that the company has finished over 45 international pageants and brought Pakistan on the map for international beauty pageants.”

Now the Miss Pakistan World contestants are coming from unique but heavily populated countries with a strong Pakistani presence and different continents! This year’s Pakistani contenders are from New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Canada, United Kingdom, USA and United Kingdom. Pakistan is a young country and Pakistanis residing all around the world, never shy away from promoting Pakistan whenever they have a chance. The change within the people has started and hence the Pakistani youth are leaning more towards a confident & moderate Pakistan. Miss Pakistan World has now branched off to more avenues, and has included Mrs. Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World.

This year we had seen the winning of the Miss Friendship title by Sanober Hussain, Miss Pakistan World 2011 at the Miss Earth 2011 pageant in Philippines. Then we saw runner up 2 Attia Bano Qamar representing Pakistan in two major European international pageants: Miss Globe 2011 and Queen of the World 2011. The crowning of Saiyma Haroon, who is representing Pakistan in the Mrs. Universe 2012 in Russia is an exciting moment for Pakistan’s pageant world. All three girls belong to Lahore, Pakistan and overall this has added to Pakistan’s growing pageant world, under the Miss/Mrs. /Mr. Pakistan World banner. Moreover Annie Rupani, Miss Pakistan World 2010 stepped up to the American pageant scene and won at the Miss Intercultural 2012 pageant. She got the 2nd runner up position.

Miss Pakistan World will take place August 24th, 2012 in Mississauga, OntarioMiss Pakistan World 2011 Pageant, Toronto, Canada

The 10th annual pageant will be a mark in history as Pakistan’s pageant industry is stable and strong and even though the pageant takes place outside of Pakistan, the pageant has gained tremendous appreciation in India, Canada, USA, UK and the rest of Europe. This year the pageant will be a made into a reality show, which will be shown on ARY Digital, a Pakistani Channel. Major Indian networks like Sahara TV, Filmy TV and PTC Punjab will be telecasting the pageant as well to the Indian audience. Local Canadian channels like OMNI TV, CP24 & Rogers will be airing it as well. The Miss Pakistan World pageant – the only one of its kind – will be given a huge media boost this year for its 10th year anniversary.

The pageant is hosted by well known talk show host: Faiza Zafar and the flamboyant Ahmed Nizam. Zafar belongs to Lahore & hosts her own TV Show, “Morning Masti with Faiza,” in Toronto, Canada and Nizam belongs to Karachi & is a well established host for various events. Both would bring life into this complete Pakistani extravaganza! Over 600 guests are expected to attend this year’s event which will be held at the Red Rose Convention Center in Mississauga on Friday, August 24, 2012. The after party is hosted by a well known Pakistani Canadian club party guru, Mo Hakim!

This year’s pageant has included a unique personality, who is a professional Bally and Kathak performer and what makes him unique is that he belongs to Baluchistan, Pakistan and is a professional dancer – Changezi. Sonia Ahmed stated that the reason Changezi was chosen was because of his Kathak skills, and his ability to direct and make a group of amateurs’ dance on Pakistani tunes. Ahmed has also included right from Mumbai, India a well versed television actor, Satyanand Gaitonde, who will be coordinating the entire pageant activities, with his 4 assistants. 

Miss Pakistan World will take place August 24th, 2012Sonia Ahmed – President Miss Pakistan World

Ahmed stated, “We needed men behind Miss Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World and I think, having more men on the team, has made a difference. For 9 years the pageant was very female oriented and now that we have introduced Satyanand Gaitonde, Ahmed Nizam, & Changezi to run the entire event under my supervision, it will surely have a different outlook in general.”

The pageant program reads Lollywood (the film industry of Pakistan) to dance performances, to a special Kathak performance by Changezi on Pakistani music. Also introducing to the show is a vocalist, who is known within the community, “Sham Idrees,” who also belongs to Pakistan. Contestants dance performances choreographed by Changezi will be the highlight of the night, as all contenders of Miss and Mr. Pakistan World will be doing a total of three performances that night. The show will also contain the most awaited round, which would be the “talent round.” The contestants of Miss Pakistan World will be performing on all sorts of numbers from sword dancing, belly dancing, Tahitian dancing, carried on with good old Lollywood numbers from both the Punjabi and Urdu speaking movies!

The night will be a unique blend of entertainment, food and an amazing ambiance! Miss Pakistan World will be celebrating its 10th year and Mr. Pakistan World will be celebrating its 2nd year. The absence of Mrs. Pakistan World 2012 – Saiyma Haroon will be due to her being in the Mrs. Universe 2012 pageant that will be taking place in Russia.

The whole year has gone by with so many activities for the pageant world of Pakistan and hence the10th year will prove that the Miss Pakistan World organization is a strong organization. Sonia Ahmed, the President of Miss Pakistan World has reached her 10th year and has created a strong industry for Pakistan, an industry that was never imagined for Pakistan.

Miss Pakistan World will take place Friday, August 24, 2012 at the Red Rose Convention Centre in Mississauga. Click HERE for more information.