Love Inspired Launches South Asian Professionals Speed Dating

Love Inspired Launches South Asian Professionals Speed Dating

Love Inspired has been hosting inspirational social events across the GTA over the last year and is now bringing Expert Speed Dating Services to the South Asian Community.

Love Inspired continues to forge ahead bringing their unique twist to social events in the South Asian Community and to other diverse communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

This small but ground-breaking company has been hosting authentic spaces for all to experience. Their mission is simple but mighty. Their delivery is smooth and tasteful. The experience is…well…just magical.
has been an avid supporter of Love Inspired since their inception and continues to be a proud supporter of their work.

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On Saturday February 9th, 2013, Love Inspired’s Team hosted an interesting Valentine’s event exploring the topic “What Women Want”. The message by the key note speaker was poignant and left the audience with insight into how to approach the opposite sex in a more meaningful and connected way. The night was executed to perfection leaving attendees wanting more. And that is just what Love Inspired is doing. They are bringing us more!

More recently, Love Inspired has partnered with one of Ontario’s Top Speed Dating Companies, Single in the City (SITC) to bring Expert Speed Dating Services to the South Asian Community. SITC has been in the business for over 10 years and has mastered the art of speed dating for professionals living in Canada. 

Founder, Yvonne Sinniah strongly advocates that “South Asians living in Canada deserve high quality services that take into consideration the cultural perspective and underlying barriers of dating in the community”. 

Yvonne feels strongly that there is a hidden population of young South Asian professionals that are struggling to find authentic and meaningful ways to meet potential life partners that are agreeable with their cultural and family upbringing. With her South Asian background, professional skill set and having grown up in the Canadian culture, Yvonne and Love Inspired bring unique insight and experience to SITC’s current model of speed dating.

Love InspiredLove Inspired Team: Expert Event Throwers, Relationship Igniters and Magic Makers

This new partnership between Love Inspired and SITC is one we should all keep an eye on. With monthly speed dating events that meet the needs of the South Asian community, there could be a whole new trend of dating among South Asians in Canada that will bring old and new traditions together in a beautiful way. Love Inspired’s first South Asian Professionals Speed Dating night
is on Thursday March 21st, 2013 at West 50 in Mississauga. The evening will target those between the ages of 25 to 35. However, in April, Love Inspired is planning events set to reach a broader age category.

As with all of Love Inspired’s events, the night will ensure the maximum potential to connect with all individuals, while feeling inspired and having fun. 

The night will begin with an enlightening discussion about Life and Dating led by Life and Wellness Coach Anthony Cheam. This will then lead to a casual speed dating experience in a relaxed and intimate setting ending with some informal mingling among participants. is a proud media partner for Love Inspired and Single in the City’s Speed Dating Event and wish them well as they blaze the trail for South Asian Canadian Professionals looking for a better dating experience. 

For more details about March 21st, Click HERE
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