Love Inspired: A New Approach to Finding Love and Achieving Happiness!

Love Inspired: A New Approach to Finding Love and Achieving Happiness!

On December 3rd 2011, a new matchmaking company named Love Inspired was launched bringing about a refreshing approach to finding lasting love and achieving true happiness and fulfillment in life. Founder, Yvonne Sinniah, recognized a vital need for individuals to go back to basics of connecting in-person in safe, relaxed and fun environments. A key element about Love Inspired’s approach is ensuring that inspiration is built into every social event planned so individuals, whether single or in relationships, walk away with a greater sense of self awareness while on their personal journey to finding their soul mate or achieving happiness in life and relationships. is proudly sponsoring Love Inspired’s Inaugral Valentine’s Gala on Saturday February 11th, 2012. Details about the event can be found below.

There is a movement arising in our times and it is being led by a recently founded matchmaking company, Love Inspired. This small, but impactful company focuses on inspiring individuals to achieve a higher level of self awareness, while on a personal journey to finding lasting love. Sounds simple? Yes. But this novel take on matchmaking requires an intelligent and thoughtful approach in bringing individuals together in a safe and relaxed environment so inspiration and true love can take its natural course. 

Founder, Yvonne Sinniah at the launch night.

Founded by 32-year-old, Healthcare Planner and Community Engagement Lead, Yvonne Sinniah, the matchmaking company began by identifying a very clear need in today’s fast-paced and material-focused culture. Most individuals whether single or in a relationship, are seeking lasting joy in superficial things or in the people around them, stifling them from moving forward and achieving their dreams to be truly fulfilled in the here and now. There is also a clear demand to find a life partner. However, online forms of connecting individuals do not appeal to everyone seeking to find their soul mate.

“It is my experience with close friends that I have seen first-hand the difficulties in meeting potential partners,” states Yvonne.

Love Inspired’s goal is to consistently bring about the best opportunities for one to find love and also achieve personal growth. Planned social events will always ensure three elements are present; connecting individuals, inspiring lives, and simply having a lot of fun throughout the process.

Love Inspired will be actively planning social events that mainly benefit singles; however, the events will also appeal to those in relationships. This is because all of the events will have a component of inspiration, through keynote speakers and workshops that focus on increasing self awareness, personal growth, and applying strategies to successfully achieve health and happiness, in both life and relationships.

To ensure clarity in its service offerings, Love Inspired articulates three levels of service that individuals can engage in. The first level is simply by coming to the social events planned throughout the year that enable individuals to connect in a fun environment with an element of inspiration and personal growth. The next level is to join Love Inspired’s client database, so targeted speed dating events can be created to ensure higher possibilities of meeting one’s match. Finally, a more costly but very effective level is a customized package where Love Inspired will just focus on one client and find potential matches and create events for just the one client. Founder, Yvonne Sinniah, considers this third level of service comparable to the popular television show Millionaire Matchmaker.

Opening night speaker Anthony Cheam.

Love Inspired recently launched its company on Saturday December 3rd, 2011. The evening was designed to introduce the company’s new approach to matchmaking and many who attended were inspired by the opening night speaker, Life and Wellness Coach, Anthony Cheam. The foundational pieces of the event were experienced to its fullest degree. The location was exquisite, the food was decadent and the energy in the room was one of eagerness and openness to what the night had to offer. One gentleman claimed that he came with the intention of falling in love with a woman and left the night falling in love with the key messages from the speaker. The feedback from attendees indicated that the night, although different from most events, was also very meaningful. For Founder, Yvonne Sinniah, the opening night confirmed that her approach to help those looking for love is well worth the investment and hard work.

For those interested in coming to Love Inspired’s next event, get ready for Love Inspired’s Inaugral Valentine’s Gala themed “Love In Action” inside the Red Rose Convention Centre. This year the Valentine’s Gala is proudly sponsored by and is planned for Saturday February 11th, 2012.  Click HERE to purchase tickets or contact Yvonne Sinniah via EMAIL or 905.962.0865.