KFI Chutneys: From Simple Meals to Sumptuous

KFI Chutneys: From Simple Meals to Sumptuous

No Indian meal is complete without a chutney relish on the side.

“Chutney is the ketchup, mustard and relish of Indian food”

Chutneys are a blend of fruit, vinegar, spices and sugar cooked down to a reduction and preserved.  “It goes with meat, as a side-dish with bread, in lentil soups, with appetizers and kababs”, says Rishi Kataria, a business partner at KFI and son of Kiran Kataria, the lady behind the company.

Yet, however loved chutneys are, they are not easy to make at home

Traditionally, chutneys are hand ground with a mortar and pestle, then sautéed in vegetable oil and spices. KFI has developed a line of six authentic Indian chutneys available to you in convenient, squeezable bottles. Enjoy the traditional tastes without spending hours in the kitchen with these delicious flavours:
Achari Mango, Mint, Coriander, Garlic Chilli, Tamarind Date and
Tamarind Date hot and spicy. 

The Achari Mango chutney is unique to KFI and is a clear Canadian favourite since the time it was introduced in 2008. 

 If you wish to go easy on spices, the Mint and Coriander chutneys are the perfect relish. The sweet and sour Tamarind Date chutney is reminiscent of India and the Garlic Chilli makes the perfect dipping sauce to a variety of foods. 

Manufactured in Mississauga, all six KFI chutneys and five sauces make cooking gourmet Indian food easy and are available at most grocery outlets near your home.

You can purchase KFI Products at Food Basics, Loblaw;s, Longo's, Metro, No Frills, Target and Walmart.  Also available at Whole Foods and many other ethnic stores!

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