Kalanidhi International Festival of Indian Dance

Kalanidhi International Festival of Indian Dance

Celebrating 25 years of Kalanidhi in Canada, Artistic Director Sudha Khandwani presents 4 days of innovative contemporary and exquisite classical Indian dancers from Canada, India, and the United States.

Opening night on Thursday begins with a classical solo in Bharatanatyam by emerging artist Nivedha Ramalingham followed by two contemporary works: New York City’s Preeti Vasudevan who is acclaimed for her “fresh juxtaposition of traditional dance forms from India with modern theories of movement and expression” and Toronto’s own “camp-serious” inDANCE.

Friday night starts with a classical Kathak performance by TV personality Reshmi Chetram followed by two contemporary works with socio-political themes: a new work about bullying performed by Roger Sinha’s energetic, hybrid dance company Sinha Danse and a recent work by Navarasa’s Aparna Sindhoor about indigenous people using a mixture of songs, dance, martial arts, and drama.

Live Streaming – This year Kalanidhi Fine Arts of Canada will increase its commitment to offering performances to and from remote locations through live streaming. On Saturday morning Governor General Award and Walter Carsen Prize winning choreographer Menaka Thakkar will present “Chitra” with famed Odissi dancer Sujata Mohapatra and well-known Bharatanatyam dancer Vaibhav Arekar performing in the lead roles with the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company. The performance will be live streamed to a theatre in Mumbai, India before a live audience while the live show is being performed at the Fleck Dance Theatre in Toronto.

Following the first show Kalanidhi will receive a live broadcast from the Mumbai theatre where renowned Manipuri dancer Preeti Patel will perform “Black Swan” with 21 dancers from her Anjika Dance Company to the same two audiences in Mumbai and Toronto. The morning broadcast will also be streamed to remote locations and the performances will be replayed in the afternoon at Kalandihi’s streaming locations. The Saturday evening performances will also be live streamed with Nova Bhattacharya and Louis Laberge-Côté performing their multi-nominated Dora Award production of “Akshongay” and India’s Santosh Nair’s Sadhya Dance Company of 10 dancers presenting the world premiere of “The Mystical Forest”.

Panelists from the U.S., Mumbai, India, and England will join panelists in Toronto for a discussion of new trends in Indian dance from around the world.

The Sunday morning SYMPOSIUM will focus on New Directions in Indian Dance. 

This Symposium will be moderated by Executive Director Rasesh Thakkar, who will give an account of the contribution of Sudha Khandwani through Kala Nidhi Fine Arts in the last 25 years and show video clips from Kala Nidhi Archives since 1993.

The final performances on Sunday afternoon will provide a “spellbinding” performance by Kathak dancer Shila Mehta followed by an excerpt of Janak Khendry’s beautifully staged master work of the Milton classic “Paradise Lost” featuring a cast of modern and classical bharatanatyam dancers.

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