Indo-Canadians Promote Organ Donation

Indo-Canadians Promote Organ Donation

While majority of people are busy with their hectic schedules, a group founded by an Indo-Canadian woman has a purpose, and that is to spread awareness about organ donation.

To bring awareness regarding the issue, the group Amar Karma Organ Donation Society, founded by Loveen Kaur Gill is leaving no stone unturned to persuade people for organ donation. The group carried out an awareness march in downtown Toronto, this weekend to spread their message.

They held their 2nd annual 'Save & Share' walk in the hub of downtown Toronto with activists holding banners and placards and drummers chanting slogans in favour for organ donation.

We have come a long way, and now a team of 63 people where we just began with one pioneer member,”Loveen Kaur Gill Said,”the enthusiasm in the team is tremendous, which conveys our confidence in success of our mission“.

The successful parade of Save and Share ended at Harbourfront, and the drummers got the attention of many people around Ontario Place and Lakeshore, and many joined the parade as well.

Across Canada, more than 4,500 people are on waiting lists for organs and tissue. However, in many places donor registration rates have stagnated and some traditional (i.e. driver's licence renewals) sources of sign-ups have been starting to dry up.

Loveen lost a childhood friend who was waiting for a kidney transplant. After several encounters with people who suffered from the lack of available organs for transplant, she decided to spread awareness about the importance of organ donation by involving communities and families.

The group is said to be Canada's first South Asian organization that is dedicated to creating awareness of the need for organ donation. The group organizes various events such as seminars, walks, and speech competitions on a monthly basis to educate the community about organ donation.

Loveen says “There is a global shortage for organs, and we must not ignore this thought as diseases come around without a notice. I or my loved ones can be on the wait list one day, who knows? Death is inevitable and we do not choose disease, it comes our way. I aspire to connect the youth throughout the world to pool in the energy to normalize the concept of recycling ourselves to benefit entire human race.

Everything in this world has a potential to be recycled why should we hesitate to leave a legacy after us? I see no reason as to why humanity should suffer when we all have help at our hands; the process is very simple, just to register yourself as a donor.

The group also encourages Canadians to go online or to Service Ontario to volunteer their organs, and promote recognizing those who do, and their families.

Their message is 'Don't take your organs to heaven as somebody needs them here

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