inDANCE's Artistic Director Hari Krishnan honoured on The A- List

inDANCE’s Artistic Director Hari Krishnan honoured on The A- List

The Speaking Eyes


Award-Winning dance-maker and the artistic director of Toronto-based InDANCE Company, Hari Krishnan is frequently commissioned to create works on soloists and companies around the world.

My dance training is extensive, varied and eclectic. My Eastern psyche is informed by Asain cultures in primarily India, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. In the West, I love contemporary dance from Europe and am obsessively addicted to the avant-garde performance arts scene in New York City- all these influences go into the complex mix of the global language that I speak with as a choregrapher, – Krishnan explains.

Krishnan has the Speaking Eyes, The Flourishing Gestures, The Cascading and Pounding Rhythm to make Bharatanatyam Compelling… Even with and isolated finger.

Hari Krishnan describes his choreography as subversive and transgressive. These adjectives are supported by well-known scholars and dance teachers like Dr. Ketu Katrak, Professor of Theater at the University of California, Irvine. Krishnan’s  work is playful, subversive and intellectually exciting in pushing boundaries of gender and sexuality and narrow stereotypes of the nation. He subverts classical Bharatanatyam  when he interprets lyric poetry not via abhinaya, as is done traditionally, but conveying the story and emotions via nritta.

Krishnan holds a Master’s degree in dance from York University in Toronto and is completing his PhD in the dance department at Texas Women’s University.

He is also Associate Professor of Dance in the Department of Dance at Wesleyann University (Connecticut) since 2001.

Krishnan’s gurus include K.P. Kittappa Pillai and R. Muttukanammal. With them he studied courtesan-style classical Bharatanatyam. Krishnan aspires to excellence in art making, with uncompromising work, reflecting authentic self intorspection,