IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation)

IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation)

Empowering the disadvantaged people of the world.

IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) is a trusted Canadian charitable organization, dedicated to providing effective humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs to disadvantaged individuals. At IDRF, we uphold the Islamic principles of human dignity, self reliance and social justice and accept and respect all faiths and communities. We carry out projects that benefit people in our world community without any discrimination, helping victims of crises and disasters or those struggling against deprivations caused by severe poverty.

During times of natural disasters or wars, IDRF assists with relief aid and rehabilitation projects, particularly in regions where illiteracy and preventable diseases are rampant and men and women lack livelihoods.

Via carefully designed projects implemented by IDRF and our partners, IDRF enables disadvantaged groups around the world, including Canada, with a focus on areas such as emergency aid and rehabilitation, sustainable development, and gender equality. Find more information about our past and current projects HERE.

In particular, IDRF considers healthcare to be a vital element of sustainable development in the world’s poorest communities. Our projects provide a range of health care facilities and they teach individuals in these communities to play an active role in combating health crises.

We are currently actively involved in improving maternal health and are implementing vibrant projects in Bangladesh and Zambia which focus specifically on providing quality care to expectant mothers. Globally, hundreds of thousands of women die each year during pregnancy or child-birth, and nearly all of these deaths – 99 percent – occur in developing countries. While most of these deaths are preventable, many women around the world lack access to quality maternal health care. Through our projects, we build clinics for maternal health care and safe childbirth. See below for information on an upcoming event in support of our maternal health projects.

Interested in our organization?

At IDRF, we greatly appreciate all of the involvement of our supporters. Check out some of the ways that you can become involved:


IDRF relies on the enthusiasm, creativity and initiative of our dedicated volunteers. Click HERE to see how you can become part of the IDRF volunteer community.


Contribute to our mission by making a donation. Any donation made to IDRF qualifies for a tax deductable receipt! Click HERE to make an online donation today.


Stay up to date with IDRF projects and events by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!


Many IDRF events are held throughout the year all over Canada to raise funds for our development and relief work. Find out more and register online for our upcoming events HERE.

Make sure you join us at our upcoming Fun Fair/Mela fundraising event!

See below for more information:

On June 23rd, IDRF will be hosting our first Fun Fair/Mela. Join in the fun and enjoy outdoor games, IDRF’s signature BBQ chicken, and other goodies at the food stalls!

There will also be many amazing prizes to be won such as an iPAD, LCD TV and much more – you won’t want to miss out!

Funds raised will support current maternal health projects in Zambia and Bangladesh, where extreme poverty raises maternal health risks.

While walk-ins are welcome, if possible, please confirm attendance in advance to Click HERE for more information and to view our flyer for the event.

Join us at 2pm in Taylor Creek Park for an afternoon that is sure to be fun and rewarding for all!

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