Gujarat Goes Hip-Hop with 'Guju Bhai'

Gujarat Goes Hip-Hop with 'Guju Bhai'

Hip-Hop is flourishing in South Asian (Desi) communities globally and there is no shortage of Punjabi rappers these days, but no real attempts have been made at Gujarati rap for quite a long time – until now. iQ aka Guju Bhai says, “Kem cho Guju Bhai?”

Stepping up for the state Gujarat, iQ’s latest single fills the void that the Gujurati audience has been searching for. A blend of humor and swag, Guju Bhai is a humble and entertaining character that portrays the life of a Gujurati Don. From stepping out of a helicopter, dealing with the president and helping the needy all while eating mouth-watering jalebis, dhokla and paan – Guju Bhai is a breath of fresh air and a barrel of laughs for all Gujarati Audiences.

From politics to Bollywood to music, Gujarat is on the rise. Amitabh Bhachchan’s support of the Vibrant Gujarat campaign, Chetan Bhagat’s upcoming movie Kaipo Che featuring Gujarati Rock song Pankhida and now iQ’s Guju Bhai are all signs of the changing times.

Here's what the iQ had to say regarding his release, “Honestly, it all started out as fun. We were tired of listening to angry music. Hip-Hop is supposed to be fun, why all the anger? Being Gujarati, we wanted to give a fresh perspective with a bit of that Gujju humor. The love, support and demand from our listeners has been amazing. There will be lots more where this came from!”

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