Gift your Valentine The Gillette Fusion Proshield

Gift your Valentine The Gillette Fusion Proshield

Why The New Gillette Fusion Proshield Is A Great Valentine’s Gift?


Ever notice how guys sometimes suck in their belly when seeing an attractive person? Or stroke their facial hair when thinking? Well, they also take a surprising number of strokes – 170 for most guys – every time they shave and this can cause irritation, redness and bumps that keeps guys from looking and feeling the best.

Gillette recently launched Fusion ProShield, their latest innovation that shields against irritation, with new lubrication before the blades in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, while still delivering incredible closeness. Guys have enough to think about in their daily lives, so, instead of asking men to change their shaving habits, Gillette has created a blade cartridge that shields against irritation caused by re-strokes.

Gillette KISS & TELL National Survey Results

With signs pointing to the decline of kissing in Canada, the ever-increasing number of men sporting stubble and facial hair styles could be part of the cause. Gillette asks, is stubble killing the kiss?

Here are the results of the survey


  • Eight in ten women like the look of a smooth or clean shaven face, while about six in ten like the look of light stubble or five o’clock shadow. This sentiment is similar across Ontario, Western Canada, Atlantic Canada and Quebec.
  • Smooth, good looking and kissable are the words most likely to come to mind when women think of clean shaven men. Interestingly, a higher proportion of single women (73%) than those in a relationship (62%) are likely to say good looking
  • When asked which words come to mind when thinking about a guy with stubble or five o’clock shadow, sexy and rugged are the top two choices overall. Those in Quebec differ slightly with sexy and good looking as the top two mentions


  • Overall the top four feelings when kissing a guy are ‘loved’, ‘intimate’ , ‘passionate’ and ‘romantic’. For single women, this slightly changes; ‘excited’ replaces ‘ loved’ in the top four.
  • Almost 60% of women claim that ‘long, lingering kisses on the mouth’ is the type of kiss they prefer.
  • Not surprising one in seven women in a relationship say that kissing a guy is very important to their relationship, and nearly all claim it is very/somewhat important. This remains consistent across the four regions.


  • Overall, three quarters of women prefer to kiss a guy who is smooth or clean shaven. However, those in the Atlantic do not feel the same with almost a 50/50 split between preferring to kiss a guy who is clean shaven or one with facial hair.
  • Overall, when asked about how they feel when kissing a guy romantically who is clean shaven 67% claim to feel “so hot let me at ‘em”. Only one third of women feel the same about kissing a guy with facial hair.
  • Women who are kissing a smooth/clean shaven guy claim to have usually long lingering kisses most often, while those that are kissing a guy with facial hair claim their kisses are usually short and quick.
  • Women strongly prefer clean shaven men, as evidenced by the four in ten who claim that they would kiss a clean shaven man more often. Less than 10% make the same claim about men with facial hair.


  • 72% of women mention that kissing a guy with facial hair has irritated or scraped their face.
  • Overall, half of women who have had irritated skin due to kissing a man with facial hair claim to have used a facial cream or lotion on it. Of the women surveyed, 23% tried to cover it up with additional makeup while 5% added an accessory to try and hide the irritation.


  • Almost one in four women state that they have avoided kissing a guy romantically because he had facial hair.
  • Among women who mentioned that they had done something to avoid kissing a guy with facial hair, one third expressed no desire to kiss him because of his facial hair, with another third also claiming to have turned their head away.
  • One in seven women agree that stubble can look good on a guy’s face while also feeling that it can feel pretty bad against their own.


  • Almost six in ten women state that they have some influence on their guy’s facial hair.
  • Among those women who feel that they do have an influence on their man’s facial hair choices, six in ten claim that they give him their opinion and he sometimes styles it how she prefers it.
  • Telling a guy that a certain look is sexy and that it hurts when kissing with certain facial hair like stubble are the main things women claim to have done to influence their guys’ facial hair style.
  • When asked about the stage in a relationship that it is okay to give an opinion about their guys’ facial hair, women are somewhat divided between those who claim it is okay once in a full-fledged relationship (34%) and those who would do so after a few months of dating (33%).
  • Half of women state that when they told their guy to shave because his facial hair hurt them when kissing, their guy did in fact shave for them. Only two in ten would never consider asking their partner to shave.

It comes in Standard Yellow or Chill (Blue) with Cooling Technology. All those bells and whistles for an even cooler price of $14.99!

Impressed? With a gift like that, your Valentine will be too.