Faith, Drugs & Yoga: A Look Into Pan Nalin's 'Faith Connections'

Faith, Drugs & Yoga: A Look Into Pan Nalin's 'Faith Connections'

Critically acclaimed director Pan Nalin spotlights human stories and the Faith Connections that bind them.

100 Million People. 55 Days. 5 Stories. 1 Faith. It is against the backdrop of the Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest religious gathering, that director Pan Nalin (Samsara, Valley of Flowers) finds and juxtaposes five stories of faith, pot, yoga and family.

Toronto International Film Festival

With Faith Connections
, the international award winning filmmaker has crafted a beautifully framed documentary presented with a narrative style that seamlessly interweaves disparate stories into a fulfilling snapshot of the real India.

The film follows five stories through the 55 day pilgrimage; a nine-year-old wannabe mobster, a yogi unexpectedly playing adoptive father to an abandoned baby, a distraught family whose son has been lost in the crowds, a Sadhu whose spirituality involves getting high, and a veteran Babu, wanderer and pot enthusiast. 

Faith Connections is not a film about religion, it is about the faith that binds and connects people.

Take a glimpse into Nalin's 'Faith Connections':

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