Sawitri Theatre Group Presents: We Are So Different Now
Oct 6

Sawitri Theatre Group Presents: We Are So Different Now

Thursday, Oct 6 4:00 PM until Saturday, Oct 8 9:10 PM
6988 Amour Terrace Mississauga, ON L5W1G5
Sawitri Theatre
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About the Play: 

With her arranged marriage in jeopardy, Sheetal Talwar attempts suicide. The woman who talks her out of it claims to be Draupadi — the Draupadi from the Mahabharat, the epic drama about the battle of the Pandavas and the Kauravas three millenia ago. When Sheetal recovers and thanks her, Draupadi asks an expensive and difficult favor. Sheetal tries to evade her obligation to reciprocate — and her life begins to echo Draupadi’s. Sheetal’s very name means cool, and she believes we are so different now — are we?


About Sawitri Theatre:

SAWITRI Theatre Group is an incorporated not-for-profit theatre organization, based in Mississauga, presenting original, challenging and exciting works.


WhenOctober 6/7/8

Where: Sampradya Theatre

Tickets: $20-$25 

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Small boutique type of Theatre Seating, only 40 seats per show. Book today
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