Intercultural Ramadan Dinner (Networking for Professionals)
Jul 28

Intercultural Ramadan Dinner (Networking for Professionals)

Monday, Jul 28 11:30 PM until Tuesday, Jul 29 2:00 AM
481 University Ave #711, Toronto, ON M5G 2E9
Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
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An Iftar is a breaking of the fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Come experience and celebrate the Ramadan spirit with us while enlarging your network!

Join us at our Intercultural Ramadan Dinner (Networking for Professionals), happening on Monday July 28th at the Intercultural Dialogue Institute.

 Admission is $35 and $20 for students and proceeds will go towards sending kids with diabetes to Diabetes Camp. 

Dinner and refreshments will be provided.

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When: Monday July 28th, 2014 
Where: Intercultural Dialogue Institute 
Time: 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Tickets: $35 (regular) $25 (students) 

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