GANGA, A Janak Khendry Dance Company Presentation
Sep 25

GANGA, A Janak Khendry Dance Company Presentation

Sunday, Sep 25 3:00 PM until Sunday, Sep 25 6:00 PM
125 Sherwood Forest Square, London, ON N6G 2C3
Janak Khendry Dance Company
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Come experience  4,000 years in the history of India’s holiest river through this masterpiece.

GANGA is a river,
GANGA is a goddess,
GANGA is the flow of life,
GANGA is a beautiful woman,
GANGA is the consort of the Gods,
GANGA is the life breath of its people.

GANGA is the perennial stream of existence arising from the mysterious source, storming, sparkling, flowing and calmly surrendering to the vast ocean.

GANGA is the symbol of purity and eternal cycle of life, one that pervades the Heaven, the Earth and the Underworld in Time and Space. According to Indian thinking, the divine consciousness manifests through Creation, Preservation and Destruction which is connected with three Supreme Gods – BRAHMA – the creator, VISHNU – the preserver and SHIVA – the destroyer. GANGA is the creation of all three Gods. The energy was started from the big toe of Vishnu, which was collected by Brahma in a Kamandal and given the form of a beautiful woman. Before GANGA descended on earth, she was held captive in the hair locks of Shiva and was charged with his energy.

About Janak Khendry Dance Company:

A professional dance company is dedicated to creating rare, unique and outstanding dance expressions. The company creates classical, traditional and innovative works for presentation to diverse communities in Canada and abroad in order to create a positive cultural exchange of information. The company  members travel abroad as Indo-Canadian Cultural Ambassadors to propagate the Diversity of cultures and the Unity of the Canadian society. The company was established in 1978 in New York and in 1981 was registered in Canada and acquired its NON-PROFIT CHARITABLE status in 2001.the company is celebrating its thirty eight anniversary.  The mandate of the company is to work with the dancers of different dance disciplines and of different cultural backgrounds.

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Date: Sunday, September 25
Time: 3:00 PM onwards
Location: Sir Fredrick Banting Secondary School, London
Admission:$20 adults, $10 students

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