Canadian Travel Blog about India makes the list of the Top 50 Indian blogs

Canadian Travel Blog about India makes the list of the Top 50 Indian blogs

A blog about India published by Canadian travel writer Mariellen Ward, was awarded Platinum status and recognized as one of the top 50 Indian blogs of 2012 by Indian Top Blogs.

Mariellen Ward

“I'm thrilled about this recognition as Breathedreamgo is one of the only blogs on the list by a non-Indian, and it is one of only five travel blogs cited,” said Mariellen Ward. “It is an extraordinary honour to be included.”

Top Indian blogs uses specific criteria for judging blogs including

• The blog should have high quality content.
• The blog should be maintained regularly.
• The blog should have a good quantum of original resources.

Top Indian blogs says: “We can claim that all the Platinum rated blogs are among the top-most blogs on India and by Indians. We’d also like to claim that in ranking blogs, we have been as fair as is humanly possible.”

Breathedreamgo launched on August 23, 2009, and has steadily built a strong following. In February, Breathedreamgo won an award for travel by the Canadian Weblog Awards and recognized as one of the top three travel blogs in Canada. The site covers travel in India as well as Indian culture, such as Indian cinema/Bollywood; and “meaningful adventure travel.” Since her first visit to India in 2005, Mariellen has spent more than 14 months travelling in India and living in Delhi and she has been to 14 states so far.

“I created Breathedreamgo out of passion for travel in India — passion for the beauty of the culture, the country and the people,” said Mariellen. “I am also passionate about telling stories that evoke the wonder of the world and the way that travel can change you and give you a broader perspective on yourself, the world and even the cosmos.”

About Mariellen Ward

Mariellen Ward is a professional travel writer, blogger and editor based in Toronto. Her award-winning travel blog Breathedreamgo
, is inspired by her extensive travels in India. She writes for many print and online sites, self-published a book of travel stories, Song of India, and co-founded the Toronto Travel Massive, a successful monthly meet-up group for travel bloggers and industry. She regularly speaks at events and conferences and she is associate editor of Travel and Escape.