Azeem Haq's Debut Music Video: "My Only Girl"

Azeem Haq's Debut Music Video: “My Only Girl”

Azeem Haq is an award winning record producer, songwriter, and rapper. After a brief hiatus from performing, Azeem is back with a unique solo sound in his first music video for the heartbreak track entitled ‘My Only Girl’, directed by Ted Mihu.

Azeem Haq

With a catchy hook and thought provoking lyrics, Azeem hopes to re-connect with his fan base. Set to follow is his first official single, entitled ‘Let’s Get Down
’ featuring Karis. Azeem is currently in studio working on a full-length album with a talented team, including award-winning engineers Steve Major, Jason ‘Da Heala’ Quenneville, and mastering pioneer Joao Carvalho. The solo venture also promises to include various notable artists.

Azeem started composing music at an early age, which was self-taught. He learned by sampling various classical composers in his tracks, which helped define his sound. This manifested into more than a decade of experience in the music industry, producing and writing songs that have been heard worldwide. Azeem started his musical career with the hip hop group E.O.S.; the group received recognition for songs such as ‘Keep Clappin’ and ‘Tonight’ featuring Dwight Anderson. Azeem also collaborated with multi-platinum producer Marcus Kane (Esthero, Snow, Shania Twain), to produce the debut album from E.O.S. entitled ‘The Rap Superhero LP’. An especially proud moment of Azeem’s career was producing the group’s song called ‘Let’s Go Raptors
’, which was used by the NBA’s Toronto Raptors organization in 2006 for the television broadcast of the Raptors season opener on The Score network.

Born and raised in Canada with a South Asian heritage, Azeem’s musical disposition comes from his maternal family. For many generations, his family has explored music as a form of social expression. Azeem’s South Asian background and East Indian music influences can often be found in his records; particularly in the song, ‘Time to Breathe’, which he produced with a music sample from legendary Pakistani composer Sohail Rana. With the help of the soulful vocals of Alysha Brilla on the chorus, Sohail Rana gave his blessings and permission for the sample to be used in the song, released in 2008.

After the disbanding of his group E.O.S., Azeem began producing and writing behind the scenes for a few artists including Canadian pop singer Addictiv, and former band-mate Indie. Azeem is currently producing international recording artist Prita Chhabra's highly anticipated next project. The South Asian music industry is buzzing that the Azeem and Prita collaborations could be as game-changing as the now celebrated Timbaland and Nelly Furtado recording sessions. Those artists that have discovered Azeem’s diverse sound have compared him to producers and composers such as Dr. Dre to A.R. Rahman. Now, after perfecting his craft for over 10 years and learning from many talented musicians, Azeem Haq embarks on his own solo endeavour.

Azeem was born with a physical impairment related to the spinal cord. Having gone through multiple surgeries throughout his life, Azeem uses these hardships as inspiration for his music. “It’s therapeutic to create music, and that’s the whole purpose in doing this particular solo project.” Azeem tells. “When I was born, the doctor told my mother I would never walk… so a few years later- I ran. I’ve always loved being the underdog trying to defy the odds, which is sort of what I’m trying to do with this upcoming project. There’s not many South Asian emcees who’ve received recognition in the music industry, but that’s about to change.”

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