Autorickshaw on the Lula Stage

Autorickshaw on the Lula Stage

A sonic alchemy of Indian music fusion with a dash of Bollywood.

Celebrated world music ensemble, Autorickshaw brought together special guests and collaborators that have performed with the group over their almost decade-long history as one of Canada’s most popular world music ensembles. Combining contemporary jazz and funk with the classical and popular music of India, Autorickshaw has brought many innovative fusion projects to the Lula stage.

In honour of the venue’s 10th anniversary, along with special guests Gordon Sheard, Mark Duggan and George Koller, Autorickshaw revisited some of the ground breaking material that was originally presented at Lula.

Autorickshaw is: Justin Abedin – guitars, Collin Barrett – bass, Dylan Bell – keys. Ed Hanley – tabla, Ben Riley – drum kit, Suba Sankaran – voice. The concert was presented in collaboration with Small World Music as part of their Asian music series.

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