Why Attend Rock The Coliseum?

Why Attend Rock The Coliseum?

Rock the Coliseum is an annual music festival that takes place in Mississauga, ON. Since its inauguration in 2005, RTC has been promoting, supporting, and celebrating all aspects of the Mississauga indie music scene and aims to bring local Canadian talent to the spotlight.


Founded in 2006, Rock the Coliseum (RTC) has been an annual, all-ages, free music festival in Mississauga that celebrates and supports all genres of independent Canadian music, placing special emphasis on Mississauga talent. Simply put, RTC is a celebration of everything positive about the Mississauga music community.


Rock the Coliseum is a project of the Independent Music Initiative and the Canadian Community Arts Initiative – two not-for-profit organizations based in Mississauga, ON. RTC attracts and audience that is energetic, musically informed, and culturally diverse. The venue, the Celebration Square Amphitheatre, is simple to reach by public transit, and parking in the area is free.

Day 1 will take place on August 12 and feature eight local acts, with genres ranging from alt-pop to pop punk to experimental electronic. HIGHS and Stuck on Planet Earth are set to headline the evening.

Day 2 on August 13 will host seven bands in total, plus an exciting top 8 pro break dance battle presented by Ground Illusionz. The show will feature acclaimed Toronto DJ Hey! DW and electro-pop group Featurette.


Dont miss out this great event and experience some amazing local talent!