Astitva...A Magazine for South Asian Women Over 40

Astitva…A Magazine for South Asian Women Over 40

Astitva…an identity, a magazine for South Asian Women over 40

Dear Readers,

Allow us to introduce to you Astitva…an identity, a magazine for South Asian Women over 40, residing in Canada. Believe us, it’s different. Unlike many other magazines that cater to the needs of either younger women or touch old lives, Astitva is a unique force that helps women approaching 50 to rediscover themselves. Astitva firmly believes that every phase of life is beautiful in its own way and carries an identity. However, for women in their 40s, life enfolds in its most beautiful but toughest form. Whether married or single, it is the most happening age in life’s journey. So, Astitva has taken an initiative to present all the colourful shades of life for women who are the epicentre of families and societies at large.

Renu MinhasAstitva is founded by Renu Minhas, who immigrated to Canada as she turned 40 with her two sons and husband. A big decision which she does not repent, as Canada has given her everything she wanted – an opportunity to grow and to experience every phase of 14 productive years. She has worked with national and international not-for-profit organizations including UNICEF, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and Prostate Cancer Canada in various roles. Renu holds a Masters degree in Sociology and a Certificate in Management Studies with a major in Human Resources. Her undergraduate degree was in English, Economics and Political Science. In 2009, Renu received the 2009 Ontario Volunteer Service Award of Distinction in recognition of her 5 years continuous commitment to volunteerism at India Rainbow Community Services of Peel and Deafblind Ontario Services. Astitva is a manifestation of Renu’s long cherished dream. Her passion for the collective strength of women, knowledge of their needs and her insights into women’s life at work and home have energized and inspired the making of Astitva. Astitva’s executive team members are Dr. Mamta Yerra, RJ Minhas, Jyoti Rayaprol, Mahendra Minhas and Anil Yerra.

Life, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty, Health, Food, Entertainment, Technology, Philanthropic causes and Spirituality are some of the elements of Astitva….an identity. We invite women writers to give their creative juices a form through Astitva. The writing guidelines are very simple. Your article can be of 750 to 1000 words, with a letter clearly stating that the article has been written originally by you. Do not forget to submit your picture with an outline of your profile. This may be your road to becoming famous. Please send your articles for consideration to or

Am born so that others have life, Grow up to become somebody’s wife,
Care and nurture progeny and home, Lead the same life whether in India, Canada or in Rome, Am divided into compartments — husband, children, in-laws, brothers, sisters and parents, Seek ‘Myself’ as a whole, who is the source of all and who is also from the Source of all!

Astitva also encourages women entrepreneurs to use this platform to announce, promote and advertise their products, services and talent and explore the possibilities of participating in events to be organized in future. They can contribute by writing about their success stories and hobbies in the various issues of Astitva, thereby setting inspirational examples for other South Asian Women.

The very first issue of Astitva…an identity comprises an exclusive interview with Ms. Lata Pada, winner of the Pravasiya Bhartiya Award 2010 and founder of Sampradaya Dance Academy; a talk with Ms. Preeti Saran, Honourable Consul General of India; a feature article ‘Life with Light’ and components of general interest for women. We extend an open invitation to all women out there to take advantage of this opportunity to come together and turn Astitva into an exciting celebration of womanhood that they can be proud of. Sky is the limit for the contents of this magazine. You will experience many more attractive features of Astitva once you have it in your hands. Astitva’s identity will reflect yours.

So, to spread the magic of this unique magazine, announces the launch party for Astitva…an identity, a magazine for all South Asian Women over 40.

Enjoy the difference!

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