Frequently Asked Questions about Employment

If you work in Ontario and the province regulates the company, you are covered under the Employment Standards Act, 2000. This Act defines the minimum standards an employee is entitled to during his/her employment.

Firaaq - A Poignant Debut

Nandita Das? directorial debut Firaaq is a moving exploration of religious, cultural and social strife in the time of violence. The title of the film signifies both quest and separation.

Yes Madam, Sir: Kiran Bedi's Incredible Story

Challenges don?t inhibit her, she re-invents them. From an instinctive winner and a top-notch police officer to an instrument of social change, Kiran Bedi revolutionized any hurdles that came her way.

EMAR Sacred Soul

"EMAR Sacred Soul" by the Canadian-based singer EMAR is a song disc with so much charisma, charm, and conscience that it demands fascination. In fusing pop with the sounds of the Indian subcontinent, EMAR sings these finely sculpted tunes so well that fusion pop gains a new eminence.

Camera shy?

Do sneaky little camera-thingamajigs scare you? Are you surprised to find tiny hidden security lenses when you least suspect them?

Lovin' Luminato

On Saturday, I walked to Yonge and Dundas Square to see scores of people wandering around, catching up with THE summer event - Luminato...


I have days when I will dig out my precious, most rare CDs, find a comfortable spot somewhere and just listen to some great music...

Be a sport

As the Celtics revved up towards winning the 2008 NBA Finals, the crowds burst out with "Na na hey hey goodbye," a very popular sporting anthem. Boy were the voices in form tonight as they belted out the anthem over and over again...