Annual Excellence in Art awards finalists for 2016.

Annual Excellence in Art awards finalists for 2016.

Canadian Community Arts Initiative recognizes some of the most prolific talents in the field of Art and culture every year during its various events. There are a number of Awards that are presented both for Mosaic Festival and Rock the Coliseum, Indie music Festival. The organization recognises that these awards are a way to encouraging and recognizing the hard work and dedication of those individuals who are committed to the development and enhancement of artistic and cultural experience of Canadians.

  • Excellence in Art Service award will be presented to Dr.Deepali Dewan, the senior curator of South Asian art at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
  • Excellence in Art Award (Visual Arts )  goes to Oakville based midcareer artist, Tazeen Qayyum who is one of the leading young contemporary artist of South Asian origin in North America
  • Excellence in Art award (Dance) is presented to Panwar Music and Dance Academy for its outstanding service to artistic expression through traditional and contemporary movement in folk and classical dance and music from India.
  • Excellence in Arts Award ( Music) is presented to young Mississauga Musician , Matt

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About Dr. Deepali Dewan

With B.A. (Honors), Art History, McGill University, M.A. Art History from University of Minnesota and a
Ph.D. in Art History from University of Minnesota in 2001, Dr. Deepali Dewan is an art historian with a special interest in South Asia. She also teaches in the Department of Art at the University of Toronto and is affiliated with the Centre for South Asian Studies.

She is the author of Raja Deen Dayal: Artist-Photographer in 19th-Century India (2013, co-authored with Deborah Hutton), Embellished Reality: Indian Painted Photographs (2012), and the editor of Bollywood Cinema Showcards: Indian Film Art from the 1950s to the 1980s (2011).

Dr. Dewan has built important community relationships for research, collaboration and development of various areas representing the South Asian community and is a respected member of the art and curatorial community of Canada and is considered an authority in her field.


About Tazeen Qayyum,

A mid-career visual artist who specializes in contemporary miniature painting is recognized as one of the most prolific young immigrant artist in Canada.Through her work Tazeen Qayyum has made a vast, indelible mark  in contemporary art, both nationally and internationally. Her practice of incorporating ancient miniature painting technique into her work as allows her to work in political messages in her seemingly beautiful and intricate designs and illustrations. Her strong performance works and action paintings have taken the traditional miniature practice into a new direction. She is opening the area of contemporary discourse for this ancient art.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1973, Qayyum attended the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore.  After successfully completing a four-year degree program in the ancient practice of miniature painting, Qayyum lead a team of young graduates who were entrusted with the task of reviving and maintaining this fast disappearing art. Since her move to Canada in 2003, Qayyum has been attracting the attention of the art community here. Qayyum has a large number of solo and group shows to her credit including the nomination for prestigious awards.


About  PMDA, Panwar Music and Dance Academy

Panwar Music and Dance Productions (PMDP) is a non profit and charitable organization incorporated in 2009. PMDP aspires to enrich the lives of Youth, adults and communities with understanding and teaching of Kathak Dance. The company specializes in training, choreography, production and presentation of  Kathak – A classical dance form with its roots in North India. The company has created innovative and traditional pieces that involve the artistic directors Hemant and Vaishali Panwar and their professional team of dancers and musicians.

The company has successfully promoted traditional music and dance through, recitals, performances concerts, workshops and seminars with international visiting artists. The company provides opportunities for young dancers who are at the threshold of their professional career. They have taken the dance performances to various far flung parts of Ontario to create harmony between various communities.

Hemant and Vaishali Panwar have successfully created a space for their art in Canadian diaspora and are considered most well known Kathak dancers of Canada.