Click HERE to download our Media Kit. was founded in 2000, and over the years, the MyBindi community has grown from being an online provider of South Asian content, to an active force focusing on all aspects of arts, entertainment and lifestyle in the South Asian community.

MyBindi’s successful, web-savvy user base represents a highly attractive demographic segment to approach.

MyBindi is an excellent vehicle with which to reach out to the South Asian community and to promote South Asian endeavours. The MyBindi brand is respected, well-known and influential in the South Asian community.

Our media kit can be viewed HERE. It is a comprehensive document that lists all our sites, channels, services and outreach programs. Having said that, please let me know if there is interest, and I will construct a campaign specifically designed to promote this event. We have various package rates that are not reflected in the media kit.

For more information and to discuss your next campaign, please contact Syerah by phone at416 884 3555 or via email at