Aawaazein releases Papa Ka Chashma on Father's day

Aawaazein releases Papa Ka Chashma on Father's day

Papa Ka Chashma is a tribute to our fathers and has been released online for Father’s Day.

Music is one of the most expressive ways to share our thoughts and emotions.

Screen performances are by Nirmal Sidhu, Vidya Dhar and Mustafa Ali Khan, and the song video has been produced by the Aawaazein team led by Pran Kirtani, Pawan Jalan and Deepa Jalan.Aawaazein is a group of Canadian artists of Indian origin with a vision to connect the community with rich and soulful music. Music that expresses the emotions of love, life, beauty, inner peace and the essence of our existence in the universe.

Founded by Pawan Jalan and Pran Kirtani, Aawaazein has helped bring together musicians, singers, writers and movie-makers. All busy professionals in other fields, yet willing to take out time to work as a team and share their original meaningful musical ideas with the online world.

The song video has been recorded and filmed in Canada with local artists. Check it out below.

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