22nd Annual NetIP NA Conference 2013 'Dare to be You' Overview

22nd Annual NetIP NA Conference 2013 'Dare to be You' Overview

Don't miss 'Dare to Care' at the Third Annual Charity is Colorblind (CiC) Day of Service on Saturday, August 31st at the NetIP NA Conference!

Headline entertainer Rajiv Satyal will be interviewing not one but two guest speakers for his live podcast. They are television and movie stars Arjun Gupta & Sunil Malhotra!

NetIP NAArjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta, famously known for his role as Sam in Showtime’s hit series Nurse Jackie, has also appeared in the movie Stand Up Guys that starred Al Pacino and Christopher Walken and has worked alongside alongside Uma Thurman and Minnie Driver in Motherhood (Killer Films).

Arjun can be seen most recently on the Lifetime movie Baby Sellers, a movie about the horrendous infant trafficking industry. Arjun plays Dilip, a young Indian father (in India) whose infant girl is stolen from him. He links up with an agent from the US and he literally and figuratively chases after her.

NetIP NASunil Malhotra

As for Sunil Malhotra, some of his numerous film and television credits include Doug Liman’s Fair Game, American Desi, Happy Feet 2, House, M.D., 24, ER, Cold Case, The West Wing, and Half & Half. He also starred as the fish-out-of-water Hari Patel alongside Kal Penn in the critically praised indie comedy Dude, Where’s the Party?

NetIP is also extremely excited to announce that the Smithsonian Indian American Heritage Project, a non-profit entity itself, will be the beneficiary of our auction at the Charity Gala. At the Gala, they will have a fast-paced live auction to attempt to raise funds within 30 minutes to match an already committed $10,000 matching rally sponsor!

Check out the brief overview of 'Dare to Be' Sessions:

Dare to Ponder the Universe with Dr. Savdeep Sethi

Dr. Savdeep Sethi, physics professor at the University of Chicago will enchant us with an exploration of String Theory. This highly debated topic purports to explain everything in the universe and flies in the face of many commonly accepted theories. Come understand what String Theory postulates and how it creates a context for you to Be You.

Dare to Outsmart your DNA with Dr. Jason Beeharilal & Ashish Mathur

Dr. Jason Beeharilal and Ashish Mathur will surprise you with a review of common South Asian health issues, avoidable causes, and simple rules of thumb for being healthy. In America, not all the advice and wisdom about being healthy is totally applicable to South Asians. Come enhance your understanding of South Asian health and become more sophisticated about being a Healthy You.

Dare to Risk it All with Vishal Gurbuxani & Colleagues

Vishal Gurbuxani and his colleagues will recount their near-(professional) death experiences when starting their company. Entrepreneurship is not for the feint of heart or those lacking the utmost conviction. Come marvel at the sacrifices, impossible decisions, and soul-crushing pressure of not just committing to your ambition, but prevailing against all opposing odds to Fulfill You.

Dare to Be You 10 Years Later with Dr. Sanjay Jain

Dr. Sanjay Jain will reflect on how his life was thrown far off course and how he clawed his way back to his purpose. Life is unpredictable and knocks us down over and over. We know it's not about falling, but getting back up. Come be humbled at a story of falling and rising with new strength and passion to prepare for becoming the Future You.

This year's NetIP conference will explore several daring topics. While the sessions above are free and open to all, there are many optional sessions that require attendees to pre-register and that are already or nearly SOLD OUT! Go reserve your space via your registration today.

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